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Jan 28, 2022

We’re talking about building muscle today!

Building routine is such a big part of the start of the year for many. And we wanted to bring that lens to inclusion work.

Beyond our day jobs, our podcasting, and families, we - Susan and Rohini - are also both skincare nerds! As we were talking about that, we really found the analogy back to inclusion strong because it is about habit building. It is about changing the way you think about the world, the workplace, and your friends. 

Because skincare, folks, goes back to just doing the right three to five things. Rinse and repeat! 

Words, tone, and apologies are the new ‘cleanse, tone, moisturize’, you might say!

As people who sit on both sides of the fence, there are moments where we feel that we have privilege, and others when we've been marginalized in a space, or excluded. We've learned to look at that as a strength in some ways.

So, in this 2-parter, we're breaking down some of the resistances on both sides of the discussion. 

In the first part, we speak to the privileged. We offer three very simple things that you can think about as an ally; as a person of privilege. 

The first habit or muscle to build is empathy. Just walking in someone else's shoes, putting yourself there, and saying ‘if this were me, what would I do?’ 

The second habit to build is education. A certain level of holding yourself accountable for educating yourself on the spaces around you. It's the homework you have to do to live in today's world. 

The third habit is really one to stop. Stop downplaying discomfort or conflict if something has gone wrong. If someone of a marginalized community comes to you and tells you something difficult, know that it was likely very hard for them to do. Treat it with the gravitas it deserves.

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